Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting dysfunctional teams back on track

.......................... here's what you can do

In business just as in football, great teams know that their performance is not only the result of the individual talents of each team member but is also down to the team captain’s ability to harness the combined skills of the team and to motivate each and every player to capitalize on their strengths while managing their weaknesses. Brazil’s humiliating defeat in the 2014 World Cup Semi-final against Germany is a serious reminder of the havoc that dysfunctional teams can wreak.

Star attacker Neymar’s inspiration may have been lacking but what hurt even more was the absence of Thiago Silva their captain, without whom the team acted like a ship adrift without a compass with no sense of purpose or direction, mercilessly thrashed around by the wind and waves of unrelenting assault and precision from the German team who with their clear and persistent game plan simply took advantage of the Brazilians as their defense started to crack ...................... In the words of the BBC commentator, “Thiago is the glue that keeps everyone together..................”

How do your teams measure up when it comes to delivering on and exceeding customer expectations? Do you have the 'glue' it takes to get everyone pulling on the same rope? If you have a dysfunctional team, here’s what you need to think about to get your team back on track:

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