Thursday, September 15, 2011

The magic of intercultural encounters

If you have any ideas or thoughts to share about your intercultural encounters, please feel free to post a comment. Perhaps we can  share knowledge and gain some useful insights into what makes other cultures tick, that’s how I hope we’ll come to appreciate the beauty and magic of intercultural encounters.

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Clean jokes and stories of an intercultural nature are also appreciated. I'll get the ball rolling ...................

The first version that we heard is believed to be told by Belgians who are customarily the butt of all too many French jokes. It goes like this.

God is very busy creating the earth. One day he calls the Angels over to take a look at the masterpiece that the divine power has just brought into being. It is a stunning piece of land with beautiful coastlines sandy beaches rich forests green plains steep mountains and verdant meadows.

The Angels have a look and then flutter off to a corner by themselves where there is much heated discussion. A bit later one of the archangels comes back to God and says "You've really outdone yourself today. This is one of the most beautiful things you've ever made. What are you going to call it?" God says well "I've been toying with the idea of calling it France."

The Archangel flutters his wings nervously and then says as respectfully as possible, "Well that's a very nice name, but we Angels have been talking it over and were concerned that this piece of land is so beautiful that all the other nations are going to be very, very jealous. We humbly suggest that you should do something to make it at least a little bit less desirable..."

"Hmmm..." God ponders the advice of the Archangel and thinks quietly for what seems like an eternally long a minute or two. Then with bright eyes, looks triumphantly, at the Archangel and says, "I've got it! I'm going to create the French!"
The identical joke has been told about Ireland being created at God's hands in all its emerald splendor. However the punch line this time is, "Well, wait till you see the neighbors I'm going to give them!"